Planning for the new year

Saturday, 24 January 2015 Written by // Zuraida Rodhi

Planning for the new year

Financial Planning During the year-end holidays, take time to take stock of your financial plan

December is a good month to review your financial plan. As it is a holiday month, we should take the opportunity to take stock of our financial affairs. When January comes, we will have a clear idea of our financial resolutions for 2014. Those without financial baggage can really enjoy the holiday season.

Reviewing a financial plan for a Muslim goes beyond looking at financial figures. It includes purifying your wealth and analysing investments and financing to ensure that they do not contain non-Syariah compliant components. The review process starts with a financial plan.



Educating your children

Written by // Zuraida Rodhi

Educating your children

Why you must plan your children’s education fund early and properly.

This year marks a new era for my aunt. In March, she sent her eldest son, 20-year-old Arif, to Melbourne, Australia, to fi nish his degree in accounting aft er he had completed a two- year twinning programme at Sunway College. Recently, I met her during a family do and she told me that her second son, 19-year-old Adam, would follow in Arif ’s footsteps next year.

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