Features of Structured Products in the evolution of the Sukuk structure

Friday, 30 January 2015 Written by // Baiza Bain

Features of Structured Products in the evolution of the Sukuk structure

In recent times, where there have been many economic downturns and the stock market value has been battered, investors are more demanding when it comes to the features of the investment products that are offered to them. Effectively, investors nowadays would like the best of both worlds where they would be given some assurance that their capital will be preserved and at the same time they would like to have the chance to receive generous amounts of returns. Various investment banks have undertaken the effort to pioneer such a product that will appeal to both institutional and also retail investors.


Jurisprudence of Screening In Contemporary Islamic Finance Architecture

Saturday, 10 January 2015 Written by // Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar

Jurisprudence of Screening In Contemporary Islamic Finance Architecture

Screening is a term which was never heard of in Islamic finance terminology in the past. However, screening has been very central in the modern Islamic finance landscape as it will ultimately determine what can be invested in and what is not. To this effect, one needs to understand the socio-economic background of this modern phenomenon that has led to the notion of screening to the central debate of Shariah compliance in some of the existing asset classes in Islamic finance.


Planning for the new year

Saturday, 24 January 2015 Written by // Zuraida Rodhi

Planning for the new year

Financial Planning During the year-end holidays, take time to take stock of your financial plan

December is a good month to review your financial plan. As it is a holiday month, we should take the opportunity to take stock of our financial affairs. When January comes, we will have a clear idea of our financial resolutions for 2014. Those without financial baggage can really enjoy the holiday season.

Reviewing a financial plan for a Muslim goes beyond looking at financial figures. It includes purifying your wealth and analysing investments and financing to ensure that they do not contain non-Syariah compliant components. The review process starts with a financial plan.


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