Educating your children

Written by // Zuraida Rodhi

Educating your children

Why you must plan your children’s education fund early and properly.

This year marks a new era for my aunt. In March, she sent her eldest son, 20-year-old Arif, to Melbourne, Australia, to fi nish his degree in accounting aft er he had completed a two- year twinning programme at Sunway College. Recently, I met her during a family do and she told me that her second son, 19-year-old Adam, would follow in Arif ’s footsteps next year.


The Case for a New Screening Methodology

Written by // Effendy Rahaman

The Case for a New Screening Methodology

The Shari’ah compliant equity screening methodology can often be viewed as the single most potent development within the sphere of Islamic Finance. On its account, there are some 700 funds within the Global Islamic Fund Management Industry by the first quarter of 2010, boasting an estimated Asset under Management to a tune of US$52.3 billion. No less than 4 global indices, ranging from Dow Jones Islamic to FTSE Islamic, push forth a version of their own. It is fundamentally a global phenomena; with the ability to be applied across any jurisdiction throughout the world.


Restructuring Of Sukuk: A Shariah Perspective Featured

Written by // Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar

Restructuring Of Sukuk: A Shariah Perspective Featured

Sukuk is one of the financial market products which are, by design, vulnerable to both technical and actual defaults. While actual default would come from the inability of the issuer to make timely payment of any financial obligation to the Sukuk investors, technical default arises from the failure of the issuer to meet certain financial ratios during the tenor of the Sukuk. These will normally be disclosed in the Terms Sheet or Prospectus of the Sukuk to which the Sukuk investors would have access to.


The Superior Choice

Written by // Razi Pahlavi

The Superior Choice

On paper, the Commodity Murabahah concept is the likely answer for the issues surrounding similar Shariah-compliant structures. The question raised now is, what’s stopping its full acceptance?

Murabahah is the most acceptable form of financing model by any standards. It sets off the business risk attached together in the Musharakah and Mudarabah structures, as banks are not involved in any partnership arrangements exposing to any particular business risks.

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